How to start your own web framework

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Start using tools again

6 minute read Published: 2021-09-22


I realised that my life while using Apple products is controlled by Product Managers/Owners who want to get a raise, rather than by technology people who share the same passion as me. And I wanted to change that.

Discussion: HN

Around 10 years ago, during my studies, almost all of my CS colleagues had Windows laptops. A few installed Linux on it, but literally no one had a MacBook. People made fun of MacBooks as overpriced computers for "Noobs". I had a MacBook, and their short-sighted thinking made me furious. So I started an Apple Blog, which grew so much over time that people sent me their iPhones, unlocked, plus 50 bucks to jailbreak them. But that's another story.

The blog got big, and I mostly wrote responses to the day-to-day life in University. Blog posts like:

  • How to install a printer in less than 5 clicks
  • How to take screenshots in no time
  • How to easily use the command line to get the job done
  • ...

This articles were inspired by challenges my Windows-friends had, and I was happy that everything worked so flawelessely on OS X. I published a book on "How to get started with OS X Lion", and wrote for several Apple magazines in the past years. But, my love affair ended in 2018.